Time To Get Outside

Have you been noticing these beautiful trees around the City? If not, keep an eye out, as there are still a few in bloom. They are distinctive as their flowers grow along the branches in a beautiful shade of fuschia. You can even eat them! This is the Eastern Redbud tree, (Cercis Canadensis). This tree is a member of the bean family, (Fabaceae) and its blooms taste like peas. They are delicious in salads and make a beautiful Rose colored syrup for cocktails!

I will be teaching at Brooklyn Brainery this Wednesday. Its a fun class on getting more familiar with our local weedy plants and if you have been wanting to get out and meet our local wild medicinals in person, then, I’ll be leading an evening Herb walk on Thursday May 19th at 6pm in Central Park.

Come and learn about our local weeds and their powerful and healing medicinal actions.
Full schedule listed below.


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