Rosa Canina or the dog rose is a favorite June bloom. The blossoms make a fragrant elxir with raw honey and brandy and a rose petal jelly is a pink tinted seasonal delight.

This wild flower grows in Woodlands and along field edges and in early June you can find it around the New York area.

Medicinally, rose  is an anti inflammatory for skin and gut conditions, but, where I use most of its wisdom is to benefit the physical and emotional heart. As a  tonic herb, Rose soothes frazzled nerves, eases grief and calms anxiety. Its a lovely addition to formulas for insomnia, grief and broken hearts. With heart shaped petals and a gentle fragrance the rose, offers the perfect panacea.

Rose Elixir
Fill a jar with fresh or dried rose petals.
Cover with a mix of brandy and raw honey. I use 80 % brandy and 20% raw honey. Leave for 4 to 6 weeks to macerate and then sieve out the petals and squeeze well. Store in a dark glass bottle and take 15-30 drops 3 times a day or as needed.

Another lovely way to use rose is infused into a vinegar. Just cover the fresh or dried petals with raw apple cider vinegar for a great herbal vinegar for food or for a simple astringent facial toner. Steep and store as described above.