Kitatinny State Park was in majestic Fall splendor last weekend and had so many treasures beckoning me to capture them. This heart appeared at the end of my visit and was a prompt for me to send out a reminder about a class I was set to teach for the Creative Healing Collecive on Herbs And Flower Essences For Grief and Loss.  How could I not send this image?

As Fall continues to remind us to let go and release, one of the plants I feel privileged to work with is the mysterious and rare Ghostpipe, Monotropa Uniflora.  Most herbalists I know seem to  have a special relationship with this plant. Mine is that whenever I am looking for it, or think of it in the woods, it appears. It always takes my breath away when it happens, but, this is its magic for me.  When Ghostpipe, also known as Indian Pipe is in full bloom it is colorless and a translucent white. It has no clorophyll. Its tincture is so relevant during times of trauma and sudden transition but, I especially like the flower essence, which is a more sustainable form of the herb and helps us connect to the potent energy of our ancestors.

Monotropa Uniflora