Sugar, Spice & Frankincense

I have been wrestling with this recipe for 2 days, and after 8 different versions, I am happy to report that I have found a way to include frankincense resin into a recipe and have it taste good! Frankincense may be more familiar to you as an essential oil used in calming and meditative blends, but [...]

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February Visions

January encourages us to peek at our potential and polish our dreams, but if new year’s herald of promised change has faded a little, and you would rather stay under the covers than, embrace possibility, I encourage you to get to know the linden flower, or lime flower, as its know in Europe. The Taste....Tilia [...]

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Wild Spring

Rumor has it, that it's Spring! Those living on the East Coast may beg to differ. New Yorkers have been wrapped up in scarves and down filled coats for months now, and the sniffles and coughs of the winter season are still lingering. Nature is moving forward in spite of the dipped temperatures and signs [...]

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Holiday Herbal Treats

Burdock Latkes: I admit that this recipe is about 9 days late, but latkes taste good at any time of year, so I am allowing myself a little "holiday" poetic license. For those that don't know, latkes are the traditional food eaten at the time of Chanukah, which finished two days ago!  Usually, latkes are [...]

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Early Fall Treasures

Fall has officially arrived, although its a little hard to believe, given the 80+ degree temperatures we are experiencing as we catch the last few whisps of summer air. This is goldenrod time!  These are the bright yellow blooms you have been seeing since mid August. There are over 150 varieties of this plant but, [...]

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Its All About The Blooms

Wearing this season’s finest floral confections, the Cherry Trees, Redbuds and Dogwoods are in an abundant springtime expression. Walk through any park right now, ands it’s as if we have all been granted an invitation to the most exclusive Debutante Ball, with each tree in couture, branches bowed under the weight of blooms and unfurling [...]

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Herbal Valentine

A few years ago, while walking past a Supermarket, I spotted this unlikely couple on the sidewalk. The raspberry and the strawberry were next to the garbage cans from the store, but, far enough away from other visual disturbances for me to notice them while others passed them by.  I always knew that these [...]

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