Wild Spring

Rumor has it, that it's Spring! Those living on the East Coast may beg to differ. New Yorkers have been wrapped up in scarves and down filled coats for months now, and the sniffles and coughs of the winter season are still lingering. Nature is moving forward in spite of the dipped temperatures and signs [...]

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Harvesting from the Meadow

Near where my parents live is a beautiful meadow that during the Summer months is filled with native wild flowers. Its pure joy to stroll through the "Butterfly Meadow" and see what little floral treasures are hiding through the leaves and grass. What can you see in the photo? I see the narrow leafed plantain's [...]

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Time To Get Outside

Have you been noticing these beautiful trees around the City? If not, keep an eye out, as there are still a few in bloom. They are distinctive as their flowers grow along the branches in a beautiful shade of fuschia. You can even eat them! This is the Eastern Redbud tree, (Cercis Canadensis). This tree [...]

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