The Little Oat Seed That Could

I have a story for you.... Four months ago when we were all settling in to our new reality, it occurred to me, that now would be a good time to flex my gardening muscles...I had no experience, but I do have some outdoor space.  Everything that I had been able to grow up until [...]

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Saying So Much Without Words…

I have written and re written the opening sentences of this post so many times, and not been able to settle on the "right" words,  but when this image by Banksy appeared in my social media feed, and totally captured the essence of what I wanted to say, it sparked me to push send... How are you all? Are [...]

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A Cookie With Heart

Family gatherings and decadent foods are the imprints left from the recent end of year holidays, and the inspiration for this herbal cookie creation. Evoking memories of Linze Torte, the traditional holiday pastry that originates from Linze in Austria, I set out to create a healthful, vegan, gluten free, and herbal version, that still has [...]

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Spring Delights

Early spring is rich with the spirit of vitality and new growth.  Green shoots burst forth from an awakened soil, as cellular energy moves skyward.  Many of the plants that are too bitter to eat later in the season, are tender and sweet in this early growth stage, and packed with nutrients. Young Burdock [...]

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Bay Leaf Bon Bons

Tucked away in a plant packed corner of my mum’s garden oasis is an abundant bay tree, or sweet bay.  On summer visits to London, I am usually in town, when this vintage tree is having its annual pruning by the gardener.  So many leaves and branches end up being composted; as I never have [...]

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