What is a Herbal Consult?
Working with a herbalist is an opportunity to relieve not only the symptoms of your health issue, but, also to address the root cause. Sessions are held in a relaxed and supportive environment and give the client a chance to have an in depth conversation that is client led.

Initial consults are 90 minutes and include a comprehensive review of your health history that starts with you filling out the intake form. Follow ups last one hour and are recommended (for the first 3 appointments) every 2-3 weeks after the protocol has started.

The patterns of your personal health, including the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects are then addressed with a holistic approach which often includes nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, and of course, herbal supplementation.

The remedies are individually formulated and will change according to where you are on your healing path. Depending on your personal needs, the formula may be a tea, an alcohol based tincture, a herbal powder or even a supplement. There are lots of different ways to receive the benefits of the plants. This is a nurturing approach intended to empower the client to take charge of their health.

Is Herbal Medicine right for me?
Many conditions respond well to herbal therapies, whether they are chronic or acute and can shift dramatically under the guidance of a skilled herbalist. If you have been curious about how plant medicine can enhance your health situation, then please get in touch.
Consults are confidential.
For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact [email protected]