Children’s Herbal Food Tastings

Price Varies 90 minutes

Herb walk in Prospect or Central Park

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Petalune Herbals Parties offer a great way to connect your little ones to the wonders of nature. All of our parties can be customized around your family or child’s specific interests. Party options, suggested for age ranges from 5 to 14 are listed below:

Herbal Food TastingsAn opportunity to try some new foods and possibly wild harvested foods from the walk. Menu designed in collaboration with the party host with the option to serve as a picnic.


  • Home made sourdough finger sandwiches with beet and white bean dip hummus, avocado and sprouts. (Gluten free options available)
  • Wild greens salad
  • Vegan veggie and adzuki bean burgers
  • Herbal Jello (Vegan upon request)
  • Herbal Gummies (non vegan)


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