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Flower Essence Therapy:

• What is a flower essence?

All plants have a subtle and vibrant energy that we may or may not notice. A flower essence captures this unique energetic signature through the medium of water and sunlight.

Dr. Edward Bach was the respected British doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath that in the 1930’s pioneered this style of therapy. He discovered that morning dew on flower petals bathed in sunlight, held a subtle healing energy potent enough to rebalance a variety of emotional states. Flower essences are literally water imprinted with the energetic frequency of the flower and they are traditionally preserved with Brandy.

Today there are as many flower essences as there are flowers and each essence is as unique as the client. Its up to the practitioner to discern which combination of essences is an energetic match for the individual.

What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower essence therapy is a supported process under the guidance of a practitioner, which can offer potent shifts in emotional, spiritual and physical imbalances. While it may sound esoteric, its possible to imagine how they might work if you are able to reflect on something that holds you back in life. It can be anything or any thought that limits you from living your fullest potential. What might that be?

A blended essence prepared by a practitioner can offer lasting change to negative imprints that may have been held in the body since childhood. Taken in drop doses, 3 times a day, the effects of taking an essence can be instant or noticed more subtly over time. Clients will often describe the experience of taking an essence as leaving them feeling lighter, more at ease and less bothered by whatever was holding them back. It may feel effortless.

In general a flower essence blend will be taken for one month, after which a follow up session will determine what direction to take the client in with a new blend. A minimum of three one hour sessions is generally recommended.
Consults are confidential.
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