Healing inflammation and digestive issues are a main focus for any herbalist’s practice. Gut health is the foundation to wellness at all levels and working with clients to shift their diet and include nutrient dense foods is a big part of my practice. Eating well can be a daunting task if you have been surviving on smoothies and protein shakes or if you find yourself skipping meals because you don’t have time to eat.

These classes are designed to gently coax the client back to good health and include simple recipes, tastings and lots of creativity.

Bone Broth: How to make it, and why its one of the most nourishing medicinal foods you can add to your diet.  We will also discuss ways to enhance the basic broth with medicinal herbs to increase the benefits.

Fermentation Basics: Learn to make your own probiotic foods and drinks, including sauerkraut, kimchi, beet kvass and other seasonal favorites..

Fermented Fizzy Drinks: Delicious and fun, store bought varieties can be expensive.  Learning to make these drinks at home means you control the sweetness, the flavor and the price. Recipes for kombucha, water kefir and the magical Jun, (a honey based green tea kombucha will be discussed). Take home starters included.

Sourdough: Fermented breads are delicious and nutritious. If you are able to tolerate gluten learning to make bread yourself is a simple and easy way to eat grains in the most digestible form.  We will make a country white, a no kneed rye and a Challah. Take home sourdough starter included with class.

Beans and Pulses: Tough to digest without correct preparation, this class will teach you how to add these protein rich foods to your diet without the side effects. We will make a delicious spread, soup and stew.

Breaking Up With Sugar: Many of us are unaware of all the hidden ways sugar creeps into our diets.  Learn how to spot the signs and find healthier ways to sweeten your foods and cut down on the cravings all-together.

Medicinal Mushrooms And Tasty Ways To Use Them: From chaga and reishi “coffee” to shiitake broth, medicinal mushrooms are powerful allies to any healing foods regime.  This class will introduce you to the medicinal benefits and ways to include these immune boosters into your diet.

Find The Alternative:  This class is designed for those who have specific foods they love but, know they need to give them up.  What’s the best alternative to coffee or Skippy peanut butter?  How can you have your cake and eat it?  This class is prepared based on student requests and individual participant needs.

Fat:  20% of a healthy diet should be fat, but fat digestion can be tough for some. This class will discuss healthy tasty ways to add fat to your diet and creative herbal ways to improve fat digestion.

Daily Meal Plan: This class walks the student through how to stay nourished and focused throughout the day.  We will start with breakfast and walk through a nutritional roadmap to get you through to dinner.

How to Shop the Farmers Markets: An onsite class that takes the student through the local farmer’s market. Learn how to use the season’s best, and sometimes unusual produce in creative and tasty ways.