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Herbal Themed Parties


Host a herbal party for your friends, hen night, or birthday party?
Petalune Herbals  can taylor make an event in your home, to suit your needs, including experiential classes that will introduce participants to the wonders of plant based medicine. Pick one of the following ideas or contact us for a bespoke offering.

  • Herbal tea making workshop: Learn the basics of making infusions, decoctions and sun teas. Participants will taste, blend and get to take their own take home blend.
  • Herbal cosmetics: Learn how to extract the nourishing properties of different herbs by infusing your own herbal oils. Make your own lip balm, facial toner and face cream to take home
  • Herbal fun foods: Learn how to create herbal jellos, powders to add to smoothies and other culinary treats. Participants will make their own herbal energy balls to keep on hand for times of stress.

Note: In addition to the above topics, we offer classes on Sleep, Digestion, Stress, Anxiety, and much more.