Wellness in the Workplace: Three Class Series

Wellness in the Workplace is an educational workshop series specifically designed to serve the business community. Classes offer therapeutic ways to cope with the pressures of fast urban life and busy work schedules with the use of plant based medicine.

All classes include recipes, tastings, and demos, with the option for medicine making and hands on experiences, if so desired.

Themes include herbal medicine & therapeutic foods for:

Stress management
Sleep issues
Immune support
Cognitive function
Anxiety & Depression
Pain & Inflammation
Energy & Stamina

Additional topics include:

Gut Health & Digestion
Saukraut & Kimchi 101
Kombucha 101
Sourdough 101
Herbal Skincare
Herbal First Aid
Perfume Making

Offered at lunch time, after work or as all day events at your office space. Series formats are available and can be custom designed for your workforce.  Classes are intended to be 90 minutes, but, shorter or longer options are possible.

Contact: [email protected] for inquiries, custom requests or to book your follow up classes after first scheduled session.