Welcome to Petalune Herbals.

We are committed to building the connection between people and plants and shifting awareness back to the simplicity and wisdom that nature offers. This close bond has been held for generations by the community herbalist and it goes way back in time, before recorded history, and across all cultures.

Close your eyes … Imagine walking through a forest filled with pine trees, taking steps through the crunch of the needles on the forest floor and inhaling the resin filled air. Notice how the the cool breeze feels on your face while shards of sunlight filter through the branches and land on your arms and legs.

Can you imagine this?

Can you imagine the emotional state you might feel away from the urban hustle ?


Those tall, majestic, ancient trees are calling you to a calm state of well being, with a slower heart rate and awakened senses, and perhaps, an inner sense of joy.

Plants do this all the time, in subtle and yet profound ways, if we take the time to notice.

Herbalists seek to connect the client or the student to the plant from the inside out, and bring balance to the whole.

Based in the heart of New York City, Petalune Herbals shares its passion for plant based healing through classes, herb walks, one to one consults and its hand made products.


Thank you so much – after taking thetincture for only 3 days my sore throat cleared up – amazing.
James T. New York
I was skeptical at first but my insomnia became less apparent after only 10 days – I attribute it to your consultations and remedies – Thank you !
Mandy P. Washington
Headaches have diminished and not as debilitating – I’m happy its a natural remedy and not drugs !
Sarah R, Vermont
The formula you made cleared up my pink eye in one day – and I have plenty left over for the next time. Wonderful.
Eli B., San Jose

Founded by herbalist and designer, Dawn Petter, Petalune Herbals is your resource for learning the ancient wisdom of the plants. Please take a look at our products, services and classes.


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